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Knit Fish

my life knitting on the coast

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Some Things About Me
1. I love to knit.
2. I am happily married to a computer geek.
3. I have a fat orange tabby kitty & a big black kitty who are both naughty, but cuddly.
4. I love art, both creating & observing it.
5. I enjoy hand knitting sweaters & love wearing them even more.
6. All of my friends with babies have handknit stuff from me.
7. I have taken boxing & kickboxing.
8. I love my bicycle.
9. I am a vegetarian.
10.I dream of owning alpacas and spinning my own yarns.
11.I know how to bellydance and salsa dance.
12.I enjoy all sorts of fiber arts.
13.I think tofu is fantastic.
14.I am a new baby spinner. I use a drop spindle & have just procured a bobbin led wheel!
15.I drink way too much tea & I am a tea snob (organic loose leaf only please)
16.I am a full-time science student. Nerdy, I know.
17.I am the founder, and co-mod of the bitchybees knit nite in Victoria BC.
18.I work at the local yarn shop. I am known as "the pusher".
19.I lurve dark chocolate, it's like a drug for me.
20.I have always dreamed of having a booth in a craft fair, but never done it!

The banner is an original illustration by jabberworks aka Sarah McIntyre. It is called The Yarn Tree

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