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Sunday Market Shawl

Sunday Market Shawl

Inspired by the drapey loosely woven shawls sold at the local Sunday market, I designed this scarf/shawl to be worn on cool summer nights, or warm fall days. You can use it as a shoulder wrap over a summer dress, or even over a tee shirt. This yarn is soft, and not too warm, with a lovely sheen from the silk.

Difficulty: This pattern is suitable for a beginner, it requires only the knowledge of cast on, knit, purl, yarn over, and bind off. Note: If you knit tightly you may want to go up a needle size or 2, it is meant to have nice big loose stitches. I don't think guage is important for this piece, however, it is important to keep an eye on how much yarn you have left and leave enough for binding off.

Materials: 2 skeins Noro Cash Iroha (40 g/ 99 yrds per skein), Size 6 mm Needles
[Note: if you are using a yarn other than Cash Iroha, you may want to use more yardage & knit until it is close to your desired length. I can only vouch for Noro's stretchability with blocking] My finished measurments are 65" x 16".

Loosely cast on 30 sts

Row 1: *K2, YO* Repeat ** across, ending in K2

Work scarf in stockinette stitch for 128 rows, or until you are close to the end of your second skein. Ending on a WS row.

Next row (RS): *K2, drop stitch* Repeat ** across, ending in K2

Bind off loosely.

Block as long and wide as you can stretch it.
{I used a clothing steamer and that worked great.}

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This pattern belongs to Vanessa Carter Copyright 2007. Permission is granted to use this pattern for personal use. Please do not copy any of my photos, or this pattern for commercial use or sale.

Sunday Market Shawl
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